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Introducing WidinOnline

Everyone is commercially relevant


Digitization of



Let tomorrow begin today

E-commerce is not for amazon and e-bay just because they have the infrastructure and technology; e-commerce is for you because we bring you the means and technology that makes infrastructure a garbage.

WidinOnline will leverage proximity, horizontal marketing system, autonomy, and disintermediation in solving common e-commerce problems. Buyers will be able to explore nearby shops from their bed-rooms, using internet enabled devices, pick items and get them delivered within hours. You won't have to step a foot out the door to get a laundry service, an electrician, plumbers, or even shoe shinners. WidinOnline routes your shopping desires to the nearest and safest seller widin your locality and yet guarantees you good buyer protection and refund policy using blockchain smart contract--no direct payment and no third parties. Isn't it fascinating?

WDS is the currency of WidinOnline because digital-currency is ideal for digital-commerce.

WidinOnline Solutions

Smart Escrow & Arbitration (SEAS)

SEAS in an incisive blend of smart contract and escrow to solve the principal problems bound up with modern contractual processes. Buyers' funds are held in SEAS and can only be accessed when contract terms are fulfilled or through the intervention of arbiters in events of dispute.

Everyone can participate.

Where do you fit in? A seller, A delivery agent, A delivery agents manager, An arbiter, A sales manager managing a group of service providers and shops. Can you manage taxi drivers? Get ready to fit in somewhere.


WidinOnline is decentralized. It means that we are everywhere but can't be found anywhere. That is blockchain.

Piracy protection (WIC)

The WIC (Widin Identification Code) is a special feature that helps maintain product authenticity accross all distribution chains and channels. WIC can protect book authors from piracy.


Your transactions and communications are encrypted and cannot be seen or accessed by any third-party. WidinOnline offers you uncompromisable layer of privacy. Enjoy your incognito shopping!!!

Distributive Economy (RAC)

WidinOnline does not belong to anybody. It will be managed and maintained by the Widin Community. Hence, revenues generated are automatically distributed to the public and holders of WDS token monthly. This process is guided by the Revenue Allocation Smart Contract (RAC).